Packaging services

Whether our customers need to change a product’s packaging or need their product packed in secure boxes, gift baskets, or sales and marketing kits, our team is ready to deliver top-quality specialist packaging at a competitive price.

We conduct co-packing activities in substantial volume every day, allowing us to share our labor and space. Leveraging resources in this manner translates directly into lower costs per unit. Our warehouse has its own packaging area, which eliminates the cost of having to transport the products to another place.

Laser and Inkjet printing is also available for products that require specific information, such as translation, marking, labeling, and expiry dates, to be printed on their outside packaging.

We can also seal packages with stretch film using hot air guns, heat tunnels, or hot glue for any of the aforementioned services, giving the product high quality, polished finish.

To assure consumers that our customers’ products have been produced and tested according to industry standards, we make sure that all our services are licensed and certified.


Wooden Pallets:

Wooden Boxes and Containers:

Wooden Box: Custom built boxes as per customer’s specifications for packing products for shipping and/or storage.

Plywood Box: Custom made box made of plywood and affixed permanently on a wooden pallet for ease of handling by forklift.

Cartons & Boxes