FMCG import, export / re-export, and distribution

Our Business

Noor Al Zaman General Trading L.L.C has proved its worth by serving the FMCG business to business (b2b) market for more than 4 years with a wide range of products which include Cosmetics, Toiletries, Household & Food, Textile, Sport & Gym, and Construction.

The largest exporter of GYM and Sports Accessories to CIS and Uzbekistan.

The widest distributor of FMCG items.

One of the biggest retailers in Intex brand Swimming Pools to CIS.

Food & Beverage, Automotive, Perfume, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Stationery, Plumbing parts and accessories, Furniture, Electronics, Home Appliances, Toys, Baby care, Baby food, Household items and accessories, Construction items, Cleaning products


Redbull, Dove, Camay, Fairy, Johnson & Johnson, Pampers, Adidas, Axe, Colgate, Fa, Fair, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, L’oreal, Lady Speed, Nivea, Old Spice, Oral B, Palmolive, Pantene, Pepsodent, Rexona, Lays, M&M, Nestle, Snickers, Lipton, Tide, Samsung, LG, Apple and many other brands