Clearance and Delivery

With full experience staff we are ready to handle all type of your import shipment in Dubai and delivered it within UAE, whatever your shipment method, size and type our Staff is expert and can handle it easily and smoothly. Customs clearance documents for cargo transportation is challenging and requires not only experience in this sphere, but also established partnerships between relevant authorities of the countries-exporters-importers. Our company over last few years provides all types of services for transportation of cargo from UAE to countries of Europe and CIS.

Quickly carrying out the entire complex of measures on registration and transportation of cargoes we are ahead of the planned timeframe. And it is one of our main advantages.

Stages of Carrying Out Customs Registration of Cargoes

  1. Reception of Declaration. Document is being tested for correctness, as well as complying with legal requisites.
  2. Control encoding. Select encoding of external economic activities and review of the cargo on the possibility of obtaining benefits for this group of goods.
  3. Control of currency. Here goes control over compliance of selected method of calculation and accuracy of determining the customs value of goods.
  4. Solvency check. At this stage, compliance review indicated in Declaration data, preferences and benefits, as well as application deadlines are excluded debt on payment of customs duties and establish fact of getting a payment to an account of the customs authority.
  5. Cargo release. Final stage, where once again checked all of the above and if you are updating or inspection of goods. If a result is positive, then decision on granting permission for transportation across the border.

Paperwork process

Registration of cargoes

Papers registration process

Process of clearance of cargo

Customs clearance of goods and cargo seems simple only at first glance. There are many pitfalls, and constantly changing legislation countries that may confound even the experienced broker. Therefore, only correct solution is to apply for services of experienced specialists of Mansur Cargo. Our proven experience shows that the main component of success is the right choice of the way of delivery and a well-established partnership between participants.

We provide such services, as:

Preparation of package of required documents.

Calculation of full cost of customs operations with all taxes and necessary duties.

Preparation of external economic contract on export-import cargo.

Carrying out of all necessary operations on declaring of the goods, including paper and electronic documents.

Running sample code from a database of foreign economic activity.

The specialists of Mansur Cargo are ready to help you on any issue related to customs clearance of cargo.