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Air transportation Dubai is one of the preferred methods by most people because it is the fastest way. Noor Al Zaman General Traiding had built up competencies around air cargo Dubai mode of logistics by signing carrier contracts.

Our company offers air transportation Dubai services and container shipping from UAE to CIS countries quickly, efficiently and reliably. Due to  advantageous geographical location of Emirates, its economic development and infrastructure of the country has recently become a popular place to purchase jewelry, industrial, medical and commercial equipment, precious metals, household appliances and cars.

Reliance Freight Systems offers airfreight services to and from all the major cities in the world. With our import and export services and the agents’ network, we are able to provide speedy and efficient service which will reduce not only the freight costs but also the transportation time.

Air freight in Dubai is another type of way to deliver your container to your place on time. Noor Al Zaman General Traiding provides quality air cargo services Dubai at an affordable rate. We provide many confidence and reliable services at door to door and port to port cargo facility to CIS countries, Europe, and Asia. The most important aspects of air freight companies in Dubai are not always reliable, quick delivery and proper handling delivery of products.

Air Cargo In Dubai
In UAE, one can find 6 international airports, developed transport infrastructure, and high-level services. Therefore, the timing for the delivery of air cargo in Dubai will to the nearest airport of any of CIS countries is only 7-14 days. If container shipping is required urgently, our partner in UAE will be able to organize its delivery as soon as possible. For example, you can order spare parts for your car, household chemicals, electronics, and textiles. We will find the goods you need and deliver them to you.

Main advantages of our container shipping services are:

  • High speed of container shipping.
  • Absolute reliability.
  • Full guarantee of cargo safety.
  • Possibility of delivery of products to any distance and in any point of the world.
  • Low cost of air freight.
  • Highest degree of protection for expensive and dangerous cargoes.
  • Selection of an optimal route of transportation depending on the political and other factors.

Contact us and we will do our best to deliver your goods from UAE! Unlike many other air freight companies in Dubai, we offer high-quality services at extremely low prices!

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